Abask A8 Front 4K 2160P +Inside 1080P Dual Dash Cam With GPS
         Whether you are a taxi driver, an Uber, a rideshare, or want to record those happy family moments in car when you giving them a ride, you might consider a dash...
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Whether you are a taxi driver, an Uber, a rideshare, or want to record those happy family moments in car when you giving them a ride, you might consider a dash cam with a cabin camera. Having a dash cam with a cabin camera will not only provide a piece of evidence when someone is misbehaving inside of the car but will also work as prevention, you’re ensuring that the footage of a possible problem or even an accident will be recorded to show the truth. This J05 dash cam is definitely a optimal choice to bring every drivers safety, security and peace of mind.
<1>Supports up to 256GB memory card (the included 32GB memory card has been inserted into the dash cam).
<2>Please format the memory card in dashcam during the first use.
<3>Dashcam is powered by the car, please make sure to connect the camera to the car cigarette lighter.
<4>The car camera will automatically switch on/off when the car engine ignition is on/off.
<5>You can view the video recorded by the front and rear cameras directly on the camera.
<6>To access menu setting , please press OK button to stop video recording first.
<7>Please use the customized HIT GPS Player to view the location, route and speed of the vehicle.
<8>Please use a computer with a separate graphics card to watch 4K videos, otherwise the resolution of the computer will be insufficient and the video will freeze.


🚓[Real 4K Ultra HD Mini Design Dash Cam]
Abask 4K dual dash camera can simultaneously record videos in front 4K(3840*2160 @30fps) and inside 1080P(1920*1080 @25fps) resolution, which clearly capture the road front and back. The mini design allows you to stick the dashcam to your windshield for optimal field-of-view thus not attract attention and making safe driving. It is the best choice of uber, rideshare, lyft drivers etc.

🚗[2.45" LCD Car Camera With GPS] 
This Car Camera built-in GPS module allows you to view the Live speed in dash cam during driving. You can track the exact driving route, speed , and location on Google Maps via your Windows and Mac compatible GPS viewer, which will provide further additional evidence if an accident occurs.

🚓[Loop recording and G-sensor]
Dash camera records files onto a 32GB micro SD card (included) in a continuous loop which deletes unblocked files when the memory card card gets full. So you would never run out of the storage of the memory card. When the vehicle collides, the dash cams can automatically save and lock the current recorded important footage which is sufficient to be used as evidence in case of accident.

🚗[Super Night Vision &Full 310° Wide Angle View] 
Equipped with Ultra HD lens, the dash cam for cars front and rear with night vision offer crystal and clear video or picture quality by day and night. The front lens viewing angle reaches 170 degrees to both sides of the front of the car and records completely without blind spots for safe driving. The 140 degree internal lens is enough to capture a full view of the interior of your vehicle and the passengers.
🚗[WDR Technology&Parking Monitor]  F1.8 wide aperture combined with WDR technology intelligently adjusts the light of the images and footage at any light conditions while recording,which can accurately capture the driver and passengers even when the cabin is completely dark.24 Hours Motion activated parking mode makes the dual car camera to automatically record when it detects motion. Auto start and record when the ignition sparks up.
🚗[Heat Resistant Super Capacitor]  The Super Capacitor as power source instead of lithium battery which can withstand extreme temperature from -4°F to 158°F, that prevents the risk of overheating and exploding and extends the reliability and life span of the camera.
💌[32GB SD Card Include & Effortless Installation & Use]  Car on-dash Mounted Cameras with 32GB SD Card,supports up to 256GB microSD card,so you don't worry about the microSD card not compatible or not reading.(The memory card is already inserted in the dash cam).Email replies within 24H, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Pay less auto insurance, your witness for accidents and insurance claims.

Our latest updated camera

If you are looking for an ultra-high-definition driving recorder, our new 4K high-definition lens can meet your needs, it can make the driving recorder without blurring the picture under long working conditions. The license plate numbers in the front are clearly visible under light and backlight

4k+1080P Dual Dashcam

4K+1080P Ultra-high Definition - The video resolution of dual dash cam captured by the front camera lens is 4K. In the case of the front and the rear camera, the comprehensive resolution can reach 4K+1080P, which up to the revolutionary resolution standard of the dash cam on the market. Accurate video resolution capture every unmissable detail, clearly record road trip.

Super Night Vision

Capturing details in ultra-low light during nighttime and even in the dark road ahead of you is something we understand well. With Its F1.8 Large Aperture, 6-Glass and 170° Wide Angle Lens captures more light which is processed by its ultra low light Image Sensor ensures super night vision video in clear details even during night time.

Built-in GPS module

Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. You don't need to buy a separate GPS module, Abask Dash Cam With real-time GPS showing the driving route and speed. Manage the driving route on your computer via the free GPS player. And it will become your important evidence.

G-sensor and Emergency Lock

Built in sensitive G-sensor, the current footage video will be locked and protected in the Micro SD card when the G-Sensor is triggered by sudden shake shake/collision. As evidence, videos before accident is most important. Your safety and legal rights are always under protection.

Loop Recording and Up to 256 GB

The dash cam features loop recording so older footage gets erased to make room for new footage. Continuous loop recording to minimize storage requirements. The Micro SD can be expandable up to 256GB and it comes with a 32GB Micro SD card, so you don’t have to make that extra purchase.

Reliable 24-hour parking monitoring

If someone crashes your car or a thief attempts to destroy your car when your car is parked overnight, the dash cam will automatically turn on and record a video after it detects impact. It will find potential intruders and troublemakers for you. Note: To use this feature, please purchase "Dash Cam Hardwire Kit Mini USB".

Full 310° Wide Angle View

Regardless of whether you want to capture the license plate of a car driving in front of you or whether something important is happening on the sides - with the 170 ° lens angle on the front, you can do this without any problems. The interior camera lens has a 140 ° angle, which is enough to capture the entire interior of your car.


WDR - Wide Dynamic Range

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology allows the dash camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage, avoid high exposure in strong sunshine and enhance exposure in low-light or backlight situations.

What’s in the box?

  • 1*4K Dash Cam
  • 1*32GB Micro SD Card
  • 1*Cigarette Lighter Adapter (3.5m)
  • 1*Mini USB Cable (0.5m)
  • 1*Suction Cup with GPS
  • 1*Crowbar
  • 4*Cable Clamps
  • 1*User Manual