Abask Q40 Dash Cam Front 1080P with 32GB Micro SD Card
FHD 1080P dash cam: the dash cam supports recording full HD 1080P videos. Equipped with a 6 layer HD lens and WDR technology, the front and rear car cameras with night vision day and night...
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    • FHD 1080P dash cam: the dash cam supports recording full HD 1080P videos. Equipped with a 6 layer HD lens and WDR technology, the front and rear car cameras with night vision day and night in all lighting conditions provide crystal clear video and image quality.
    • Loop recording and G-sensor: When the vehicle collides, the car dashcam can automatically save and lock the currently recorded important footage, which is enough to be used as evidence in the event of an incident. The dash camera for cars records files on a micro SD card in an endless loop that deletes unblocked files when the memory card is full. So you would never run out of memory card space.
    • 4 inch IPS full screen and 170° wide angle: the super high-definition large screen offers you the clearest experience. The user interface through the larger screen is very clear, it is quite easy to use and navigate in the menus. The viewing angle range of this moving video recorder reaches up to 170 degrees to both sides of the vehicle front and records everything without blind spots for safe driving.
    • Compact design and powerful functions dashcam: aluminium alloy housing for heat dissipation. Emergency lock video, loop recording, motion detection, parking monitoring, reversing aid, on/off audio, time stamp, automatic shutdown, screen saver. Car dashboard camera with these functions cover what you need for daily driving.
    • Plug and play dashboard camera: this camera for the car is easy to install and use. The included dashcam front suction mount mounts anywhere on the windshield in seconds. Simply connect the camera to a power source via the included car charger. The car security camera starts recording immediately after ignition.




    Established in 2003, Abask Direct has owned stores in EU, US, JP, which is specializing in selling the products of electric and electronic equipment such as USB C Hub, Dash Cams for Cars, IP Cameras and so on. Our products have won great popularity in markets at home and abroad. We will always commit to providing customers with the best products and shopping experience. You will never go wrong with Abask !

    Abask Dash Cam, Your Reliable Eye on the Road!

    Abask aims at providing drivers with reliable dash cameras for safer driving. With excellent video and picture quality of the dash cam, the car dash camera reads the license plates easily and restore the scene as much as possible. Plus the super functions like G-sensor, loop recording, motion detection and parking guard, our car camera captures all the details during journeys and provides evidence in emergency.




    4" IPS Full Display Screen

    Bigger screen , better vision experience. User friendly settings menu. Easy to navigate through menu. You can watch the recorded footage directly via the dashboard cam.

    Front FHD at 1080p

    Excellent video and picture quality of Q40 dash cam, read the license plates easily and capture all the details during journeys and provide evidence in emergency or for insurance claim.

    Excellent Night Vision

    With crystal clear resolution and WDR feature, the image and footage qualities are still clear and detailed even at night.




    Continuous Looping Recording

    Continuously record small video files of a length which is determined by the settings of 1/ 3/ 5 Mins. When the memory gets full, the dash cam will automatically delete the oldest video to record the latest video, which can avoid lack of memory.

    G- sensor & Emergency Lock

    When the vehicle collides, the dash cam automatically saves and locks the current recorded important video. (the locked video will not be covered by the loop recording.). Provide proof and find out who is at fault. Its sensitivity is adjustable (Off/ Low/ Medium/ High)

    24-hour Parking Monitoring

    The dash cam will automatically turn on and starts recording when it detects motion in front of car or someone crashes your car while it is parked. Catch potential burglars and trouble makers. (To use this function, please buy a hard wire kit for dash cam then connect to the vehicle’s fuse box power. )

    Rear camera

    Q40S dashcam

    Q40S dashcam

    Q40S dashcam

    Reversing Assist Mode for Safe Parking

    This dash camera display screen will automatically show full rear view with parking guide lines when the car reverse gear is engaged. The car camera will help you to park your car easily and safely.

    Note: your need purchase the rear camera in order to use this feature

    Screen Saver Function

    This dashcam automatically turns off the screen after a set time to save energy. And the dark screen will not distract the driver. The camera continues to record video even after the screen saver is invoked and the screen is turned off.

    Used as a PC Webcam

    Connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cable and select "PC Camera" on the camera.

    Dash cam can then be used as a webcam with a suction cup mount and 1080P HD resolution.

    Heat-resistant & Anti-cold

    Abask dash cam can adapt to extreme temperatures from -30 °C to 70 °C ( -86 °F to 158°F), it still works perfectly in such tough environment .



    1.Please use the class 10 or more memory card. Please format the SD card first when using it for the first time. (The SD card was inserted into the dash cam)

    2.For safety reasons, the battery is only for urgent file saving in case of sudden power off. Make sure the car charger is plugged in for it to work properly.

    3.The car camera will turn on/off automatically when the car's engine ignition is turned on/off. If the camera keeps turning off and on, check the adapter for a good connection or try a new adapter. Then in the menu format the memory card and restore to default settings.

    4.To access the menu settings, please press the OK button to stop the video recording first.

    5. If your radio signal is disturbed, please check if the cable is looped, or change the frequency (50HZ/60HZ).